Nueces Brewing

Brandon and Cale

Conjoined forces. If a geneticist combined Brandon and Cale, the outcome would be: A musically talented, business minded, artist like, numbers nerd, beer connoisseur, who fishes, trains dogs, hunts, loves cooking, smokes cigars and continually engages in light hearted, non-stop witty banter and bickering. If you know us, you cannot disagree.

It all started about 6 years ago when we said “we should open a brewery”. This was about the time Cale was scrambling around the garage, home brewing like a mad scientist. Meanwhile, I was probably kicked back in a folding chair (watching Cale scramble) as he complained that everyone wants to define craft beer and that it shouldn’t have a definition. “Good is Good. Fresh is Fresh. It’s that simple.” Well, some time went by and we ended up being able to give it a shot. After traveling the world for a few years we both decided that Corpus Christi was where we wanted to be. The salty air, beach vibes, and Mexican influence creates a sub culture that screams “Cale and Brandon”. So here we are. One of us has a background in entrepreneurship and the other has a background in large scale production, both of us have a passion for friends, family, and cerveza. We’ve both tasted as many beers as we can afford, and one thing we agree on – the definition of good beer. So, when the tap room is up and running come on out and meet us!

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