Lorelei Brewing

Join your Majestical crew for some Majestical brews at this years Corpus Christi Brewery Festival! We can not wait to celebrate the continued growth of the Local Craft Brewing Community with you!

The Lorelei, a Corpus Christi brewery built on tradition, passion for quality, and an ever growing family of loving Lorelei folk. We pride ourselves in creating a quality and consistent product and also extending knowledge to anyone who will listen about the beauty of brewing science and the incredible industry of Craft Beer.


This is our family heritage. Our family is from Wiesbaden, Germany, approximately 2 km from the Rhine River. The Rhine has a very large rock towering over the river known as the Lorelei. Many sailors have heard a woman’s beautiful voice singing, luring them to the rock where they inevitably wreck their ship.

As the legend goes, a beautiful woman stricken with grief of a lost lover at sea, threw herself from the top of the rock, plummeting to her death. She haunts the Lorelei rock singing her beautiful song, luring sailors to their watery graves.

In reality, what these sailors are hearing are the sounds of a very small waterfall at the bottom of the Lorelei rock, accompanied by the sound of the wind whipping around the bend in the river where the rock sits, making the false sounds of a woman singing.


The First To Can Craft in Corpus Christi, Tx       

Have you seen our merfolk on the shelves of your local grocery and liquor stores? We are so proud to have three of our staple beers available to you to enjoy when ever the siren song calls to you…

Local’s List Winner 2017 & 2018:

Microbrewery: Lorelei Brewing Company

“The team at Lorelei Brewing Company doesn’t joke around when it comes to craft beer. As the only local brewery that cans their beer, Lorelei is dedicated to their craft. From milky stouts to hoppy IPAs, they’ve got something brewing for you. loreleibrewing.beer ”


Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, we took Gold with our Czech Pilsner at The Beer Army Beer Wars!