Live Music

2020 Music Lineup:

For 2020 onward we have partnered up with the Corpus Christi Songwriters. Because original, local beer deserve original and local music.

4-5pm Doc Carter

Also known as Timothy A. Carter, a 2017 C.C. Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee

5-6pm Magnus

Magnus (Eric Magnusson) “Left the work force in October of 2015 so I could try to entertain them.”

6-7pm Narjeetos

Narjeetos is a band composed of Joseph Soto (Bass), RJ Ramon (Vocal/guitars), Johnny Peppercorn (drums). The 3rd Coast Ethereal folk fusion ensemble was formed in March of 2019.

7-9pm The Independent Thieves

The Independent Thieves is a musical group hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, consisting of guitar-playing singer/songwriters Garrett Wieland and David King, as well as bassist Derek Galvan and percussionist Eric Lara.

Corpus Christi Brewery Fest 2020 would like to thank the Corpus Christi Songwriters for organizing the musical talent for this year’s festival.

Corpus Christi Songwriters - an extension of Corpus Christi PATCH Inc., 501(c)(3) - is dedicated to providing resources, education and a spring-board for local songwriters in the Corpus Christi area. For more information please visit