All events listed below are from 2019. We are confirming 2020 events and we will post when possible.

Live Music
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Belly Dancing

Beer Yoga
Time: 5-8pm
Multiple yoga experiences with beer incorporated throughout the class!\
5-6pm Water Dog
6-7pm Ashley Chapa
7-8pm Ashley Chapa

Beer Art Competition
Time: 5-7
Guided by the talented Sarah Macos to paint the best picture showcasing Corpus Christi craft beer. Each painter has up to 2 hours minutes to compete and the winner is decided by judges from each Brewery.

Live Printed Shirts
Time: All Day
Location: Inside Courtyard
We love to make craft beers, beer with something different and unique. Having a mass produced T-Shirt is like having a mass produced beer. Ben Sorrell will be onsite making prints of brewery specific shirts. He has hand carved the designs and prints the shirt for you upon order

Recycled Beer Statue Contest
Have some old beer bottles laying around? An old 6 pack Carrier? We challenge you to make a beautiful piece of art. Create your own piece of art from only recycled beer packaging. We will display them at the festival and allow everyone to vote for their favorite.

Live Podcast Recording
Time: 2-3pm During the 1/2K Beer Run
A group of beer loving locals started the podcast Beer and a Movie. Join them for a live recording!

1/2K Beer Run
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Art Center Park
Advanced Tickets Required: Get Your Ticket

That is correct; this is a 0.5K race. There is no need to be a marathoner, but participants must be 21 or over because the race is run while holding a pint of beer. Limited to 200 people, the goal is to finish as quickly as possible while keeping the beer above the line on the official running cup (serious beer-leg coordination is required). The fastest five runners in each heat will advance to the championship run for glory and more beer. Participants receive an official running cup, their choice of a local brewery beer (1 running & 1 reward), a bottle opener participation medal.