Brewer Orientation

To provide you with required information for the 2020 Corpus Christi Brewery Festival and to help you show up informed and ready for a great day.

Basic Information:

Corpus Christi Brewery Festival - 4th Annual
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
Location: Art Center of Corpus Christi
Address: 100 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401
VIP Hour: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
General Admission: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Eligible Breweries

You must produce beer in Texas and be certified Independent according to the Brewers Association.


brewery designated wristbands are to be worn by your brewery representatives at all times during the festival.

All breweries will receive 4 (four) of these wristbands at check-in, along with corresponding 21+ wristbands, taster cups, and drink tickets. The person who picks up your wristbands is responsible for distributing those to brewery staff and representatives.

Your distributor will receive a Distributor wristband which does not include a taster cup or any drink tickets.

Staff Green Room
The Brewer Green Room is only for Brewers wearing a brewery designated wristband. Please do not put volunteers or other staff in a difficult position by requesting that other people be allowed in. Only people with Brewery wristbands are allowed in.


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Brewery set-up. All breweries must complete set-up and have beer ready for service by 12:00 PM. ABSOLUTELY NO BREWERY/DISTRIBUTOR VEHICLES WITHIN FESTIVAL GROUNDS AFTER 12:00PM!
12:00 PM - Green Room opens
12:45 PM - Green Room closing for VIP Session
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM VIP session GREEN ROOM CLOSED
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM GA session GREEN ROOM RE-OPENS TO BREWERS (Dinner served @ 5PM)
6:00 PM - 6:15 PM Festival Ends - Untap all kegs and put up all kegs
6:15 PM - Tear down begins


Check-In: Saturday, March 7, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Brewery check-in is required. You will:

  1. Pick up your wristbands glasses and tickets
  2. Confirm starting tap lineup and kegs
  3. Confirm location
  4. Ask any last minute details


You will be provided with:

  1. 1 (one) 8' table
  2. A 15'x15' area to setup your booth
  3. Container for tickets to be picked up at the end of festival

You must provide all beer serving equipment and booth decorations such as:

  • beer
  • if draft
    • jockey boxes*
    • CO2*
    • backup CO2
    • trash can for each keg
    • spill buckets
    • draft tool box
    • anything else required to serve draft beer
  • if packaged
    • tub for ice
    • anything else required to serve canned beer
  • pitchers (2 per beer style)
  • rinse water pitcher and bucket
  • banners (You may hang these in the back of your booth, or on your table. Do not encroach on your neighbor’s space or it will be removed.)
  • BEER DESCRIPTIONS - laminated 8.5” x 11” print-outs or comparable to show beer names and descriptions.
  • nothing electrical – no brewery booth may use any electricity.
  • branded giveaways at your booth (i.e. bottle openers, stickers, koozies, etc.)
  • second back table if desired.

*To use your draught equipment, the TABC requires that each brewery “loan” the Art Center the dispensing equipment for the day. The Equipment Sponsorship Agreement covers this arrangement


Working with Volunteers
As a brewer, DO NOT pour yourself a beer. TABC prohibits this. Your volunteers may pour beers for you (for a ticket). Please allow them to do their job.

Train the Volunteers
Make sure to describe your beers to the volunteers assigned to serve at your booth. Be descriptive and mention any critical characteristics you would like them to pass along to the attendees.

Beer & Booth Rules

Pour Sizes
Sample pours should never exceed THREE ounces. TABC rules do not allow festivals to provide more than 32 oz of beer with an entry ticket. We include 10 x 3 oz. samples with each entry ticket. Additional tickets are available for purchase.

Taster cups have a 3 oz. line; pours should not exceed that. Please be aware of and respect this sample size. The volunteers in your booth will be asked to be strict about the sample size. Please help them enforce this limit.

Beer Captains
Beer Captains will communicate with the pouring volunteers about taking breaks, end of shift, etc. Please do not tell one of your volunteers they are not needed in the booth anymore. If you have a problem with a volunteer, please let a Beer Captain know so we can take care of the situation. Do not offer Green Room passes to your volunteers or promise them food from the Green Room. If you want to do something nice for your volunteers - feel free to give them t-shirts, hats, pins, patches, etc. (no glassware). Brewery swag goes a long way in making a brewery fan.

Stay in Front Of Your Booth
Do not let non-brewery personnel behind the booths (that means friends, family, etc.). Brewers should be in front of booths talking about their beer.

Always have a rep at the back of your line talking to attendees about your beers and which to order BEFORE they get to the booth. We need lines moving and can’t let people congregate up front once they have a beer. Mingling with attendees is encouraged but do so at the back of the line or off to the side.

VIP Tickets
Volunteers will not take tickets during the VIP session, and instead will serve samples of all beers to guests with the VIP and 21+ wristbands.

VIP Meet & Greet
Attendees paid extra to meet brewers and discuss the beers they are sampling in an intimate, casual environment. Please have at least one brewery rep available at all times throughout VIP session to talk to fans. The Brewer Green Room will be closed during this time.

Beer Selection
Each Corpus Christi Brewery is limited to 4 (four) or less products served at any one time.
Each out of town brewery is limited to 2 (two) or less products served at any one time.

We want each brewery to be able to showcase a range of their flavors but not to overload the customer with selection fatigue. All beers must be agreed to on the Brewery Beer Selection document prior to the event.

Backup Kegs and Cases
Only a Beer Captain can tap another keg or open another case. No kegs or cases are to be changed out without permission from a Beer Captain. Any kegs or cases opened by someone other than a Beer Captain WILL NOT BE PURCHASED. Beer Captains make very regular rounds and are easy to get a hold of. No Kegs or cases will be tapped into within 1 hour of closing.

Beer Payment
The Art Center of Corpus Christi has the license for the event. Please invoice them for the total amount of beer you bring. At the end of the night, the Art Center of Corpus Christi will settle up invoices for the adjusted amount of beer according to Beer Captain logs. Again, no beer can be tapped or opened by the breweries or distributors. Become friends with your Beer Captain!


No beer should be poured after 6:15 PM. Tear-down may begin at 6:30 PM.

Vehicles may not be brought into the festival area until 7:00 PM to give patrons time to exit the grounds.

Social Media

The festival cannot be successful without breweries, vendors, food trucks and everyone involved spreading the word to their fans about the festival. It is this word of mouth advertising that we all depend on for success.

Festival Website:
2020 Facebook event page:
Official hashtag: #CCBrewFest

Should you wish to purchase discounted General Admission (GA) tickets, please contact us. These can only be used for extra brewery staff members and should not be purchased for others.